How To Call GCASH Customer Service From Abroad

If you’re overseas and need to contact GCash customer support, you have a few options:

  1. Hotline: You may be able to call their hotline number. However, it’s essential to check if this number is accessible internationally and be prepared for potential international calling charges.

    Service Provider Dialing Procedure Hotline Number
    Smart or Non-Globe Dial (02) 7739-2882
    PLDT Subscriber Dial (02) 7739-2882
    Dial (02) 7213-9999
    Dial (02) 8737-0000
    Globe Dial 2882

  2. Email: You could send an email to GCash customer support. This method is often accessible regardless of your location.

    Send an email to

  3. Online Support: GCash might have online support on their website, which you can use to submit a ticket or chat with a customer service representative.

  4. Social Media: Companies often have customer service channels on platforms like Facebook or Twitter, where you can reach out for support.

    Facebook –
    Twitter –
    Instagram –
    Youtube –

  5. Help Center: Check the GCash Help Center on their website for FAQs and other resources that might answer your question without needing to contact customer service directly.

Additionally, if you have the GCash app, it might have a built-in customer service feature which you can use to contact them directly from the app.

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