How To Get GCASH Mastercard

1. What is Gcash Mastercard?

Gcash Mastercard is a reloadable prepaid card that can be used to make payments online, in stores, and at ATMs. It is issued by GCash and powered by Mastercard. This card allows users to shop online, pay bills, transfer funds, and withdraw cash from ATMs without the need for a bank account or credit card. With Gcash Mastercard, you can enjoy the convenience of cashless payments with the security of a Mastercard-backed payment system.

2. Benefits of Gcash Mastercard

Gcash Mastercard offers several benefits for its users:
• Convenience – With Gcash Mastercard, you can make payments anywhere that accepts cards powered by Mastercard. You don’t have to worry about carrying cash or having enough money in your bank account when making purchases.
• Security – Your transactions are secure with Gcash Mastercard as it is backed by the world’s leading payment network –Mastercard. All your transactions are also monitored 24/7 so you can be sure that your money is safe and secure.
• Easy access to funds – You can easily access your funds anytime via ATM withdrawals or online transfers.
• Rewards and discounts – As a Gcash user, you can also get exclusive discounts on select merchants when you use your Gcash card for purchases.

3. How to Apply for Gcash Mastercard?

Applying for a Gcash Mastercard is easy and straightforward:
1) Download the GCash app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and register an account using your mobile number;
2) Verify your identity through either one-time PIN (OTP) verification or biometrics;
3) Login to your account via GCASH app then tap “Profile” and then tap “My Linked Accounts”.

4) Then tap “GCASH Card” and click “this page” at the bottom (See screenshot below)

5) Tap “View more info”

6) Tap the “Order a Card”

7) Tap “Deliver” button.

8) Fill up the GCASH Card Order Form. GCASH Card is 150 pesos and Deliver fee is 65 pesos.

9) Confirm payment

4. What are the Requirements for Application?

To apply for a Gcash MasterCard, you must meet certain requirements:

• Must be 18 years old or above;
• Must have an active Philippine mobile number registered with GCash;
• Must have a valid government-issued ID such as passport, driver’s license, SSS ID, Postal ID etc.;

5. How to Activate Your Gcash MasterCard?

Once you receive your new card in the mail, follow these steps to activate it:

1) Log in to the GCash app using your registered mobile number;
2) Go to “Profile” -> “My Linked Accounts” -> “GCASH Card” -> “Add A Card”. You’ll receive a 6-digit authentication code. Key in the code and Tap “Submit”.

authentication code sent to mobile number
3. Link GCASH Card. Add last 4-digits of Card and Virtual Account Number and then Next.

6. What are the Fees and Charges for Using Gcash MasterCard?

Using a GCash MasterCard comes with certain fees and charges which include but are not limited to:

• Activation fee – Php150 per card activation

• Reload fee – Php20 per reload transaction

• ATM withdrawal fee – Php25 per withdrawal transaction

• Balance inquiry fee – Php10 per inquiry transaction

• International usage fee – 1% of the total purchase amount (for overseas purchases only).

Note that fees may vary depending on factors such as the type of transaction and the location where it was made so please refer to the official website before making any transactions using this card.

7 Tips on Using Your GCash Card Safely and Securely

Here are some tips on how you can use your GCASH MasterCard safely and securely:

• Always keep track of all transactions made using this card including balance inquiries

• Make sure that no one else has access to this card except yourself

• Never give out any personal information such as PIN codes or passwords over the phone or email

• Regularly check statements online/via SMS/email notifications for any unauthorized activities/transactions

• Change PIN code regularly especially if there were suspicious activities detected associated with this card

• Report lost/stolen cards immediately by calling the customer service hotline provided by gCash

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