How To Get GCash Mastercard in 7/11

1. What is Gcash Mastercard?

Gcash MasterCard is a prepaid debit card powered by VISA and issued by Mynt, the company behind Gcash. It can be used to make payments online and offline at any merchant that accepts VISA cards. It also allows you to withdraw cash from any ATM with a VISA logo, as well as make purchases using the Gcash app.

2. How to get Gcash Mastercard in 7/11?

Getting a Gcash MasterCard in 7/11 is easy and convenient.

All you need to do is visit any 7/11 branch nationwide and ask for a GCash MasterCard kit.

The kit contains all the necessary documents that you need to apply for a card, including an application form, an ID or passport photo, and other supporting documents depending on your chosen type of card (e.g., student ID).

Once you have filled out the application form, submit it along with your supporting documents to the 7/11 cashier and pay the required fee of P150.

The cashier will then give you your GCash MasterCard kit containing your new card, which you can activate immediately by following the instructions in the kit.

3. Requirements for getting Gcash Mastercard in 7/11

To get a GCash MasterCard in 7/11, you must meet certain requirements:
• You must be at least 18 years old
• You must have a valid Philippine mobile number
• You must have an active Gcash account
• You must present two valid government-issued IDs upon application
• You must provide proof of billing address (e.g., utility bill)

4. Benefits of having a Gcash Mastercard

Having a GCash MasterCard has several benefits:
• Convenient – With your card, you can make payments online or offline without having to carry cash around with you all the time;
• Secure – Your card is protected by state-of-the-art security measures;
• Accessible – You can use your card anywhere that accepts VISA;
• Affordable – There are no monthly fees or hidden charges when using your card;

5. Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get Gcash Mastercard in 7/11

Here’s how to get your own GCash MasterCard from 7/11:

Step 1: Visit any 7/11 branch nationwide and ask for a GCash MasterCard kit which contains all the necessary documents needed for application such as an application form and an ID or passport photo among other supporting documents depending on what type of card (e.g., student ID) you choose;

Step 2: Fill out the application form completely and accurately with all required information such as name, address, contact details, etc.;

Step 3: Submit your completed application form along with two valid government-issued IDs and proof of billing address (e.g., utility bill);

Step 4: Pay the required fee of P150;

Step 5: Receive your GCash MasterCard kit containing your new card which can be activated immediately following the instructions provided in the kit;

Step 6: Enjoy all the benefits that come with having this convenient digital payment solution!

6. What are the fees and charges for using a Gcash Mastercard?

Using your GCash MasterCard comes with no monthly fees or hidden charges but there may be some additional charges depending on how you use it such as ATM withdrawal fees or foreign currency conversion fees if applicable when making payments abroad etc.. It’s best to check with Mynt before using your card so that you are aware of any additional costs involved beforehand.

7. What are the features of a Gcash Mastercard?

Some of its features include:
• Cashless payments – Make payments easily at any merchant outlet that accepts VISA cards both online and offline without having to carry cash around;

• Online shopping – Shop online securely without worrying about fraud;

• ATM withdrawals – Withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide wherever VISA is accepted;

• Balance inquiry – Check balance anytime through SMS or via a web browser;

• Reloadable – Load funds anytime from any bank account linked to your account;

• Security – Your transactions are protected by advanced security measures such as 3D secure authentication technology etc..

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